Important dates for your calendars

Important dates for your calendars
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Greetings from Super Thinkers! Get ready to mark your calendars for 2023/2024 with these important dates.

As we approach the festive season, the Chaffey family extends warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our cherished families. A heartfelt 'Thank you!' goes out to everyone who has supported and shown understanding during the challenges of 2023.

Recognising the importance of coming together during Christmas, we've made adjustments to our schedule to accommodate the busy season. This ensures that all your children's appointments are completed well before the Big Day, alleviating the stress of bringing them to us.

Monday 18th December

3:30pm - Anaya & Tiana
4:30pm - Elie
5:30pm - Aderinola
5:30pm - Raya
6:30pm - Emma

Tuesday 19th December

9:00am - GCSE Maths Group
3:30pm - Ava
3:30pm - Elie
4:30pm - Ben
4:30pm - Maryam
5:30pm - Nicoleta English
5:30pm - Computer Science
6:30pm - Nicoleta
6:30pm - Gurmmaan
7:30pm - Armrit
7:30pm - Gurmaan

Wednesday 20th December

11:30am - GCSE English Language 2 hour Group
12:30pm - Tobi - Maths
1:30pm - SATs 2 hour Group
1:30pm - Tobi - English
2:30pm - 11 Plus 3 hour Group
3:30pm - Zion
4:30pm - Key Stage 3 - 2 hour Group
5:30pm - Adrenola - Maths

Thursday 21st December

9am - Harry - Computer Science
9am - Gabriella - English (Clare)
10am - Tanya - English (Mils)
10am - Eremis - English (Clare)
11am - Harry - English
11am - Eremis - Maths
11am English GCSE Lit 2 hour Group
2pm - Rui

The Centre will be closed from the 3pm on Thursday 21st December 2023 and resume operations on January 4, 2024, with all 1-2-1 and Group sessions returning to their regular time slots.

Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year from the staff and children.

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