An image showing the outside of the Super Thinker Centre - Romford, showing our key ethos of Excellence Growth and Clarity.
The front of Super Thinker Centre - Romford

Who are Super Thinkers?

Founded in 2012 by Mileu and Leon Chaffey,  Super Thinkers has quickly become a beacon of progressive and creative learning in the local community. The core of ethos of Super Thinker is the idea of 'holistic education', promoting excellence, growth and clarity.


Education is the foundation of human progress, and it is the key that unlocks doors of opportunities in various aspects of life. While formal education is essential, there is an equally important role played by additional education, popularly known as tuition. The power of additional education cannot be overstated, and it is evidenced by the positive impact it has on individuals in terms of excellence, growth, and clarity.

Excellence is a term that speaks to the attainment of the highest level of performance in any given field. Additional education has the power to produce excellence by providing students with a platform to deepen their understanding of concepts learned in class. It allows learners to go beyond the surface level of knowledge and grasp the underlying principles and ideas that inform different subjects. Through tuition, students can access specialized teachers and resources, and this helps them to develop a high level of proficiency in various areas. The result is excellence, which can be seen in improved academic performance, enhanced problem-solving skills, and increased confidence.

Growth is another word that encapsulates the power of additional education. Education is a lifelong process, and tuition enables students to continue learning beyond the classroom setting. Through additional education, students can explore new topics, pursue their interests, and develop new skills. It is an opportunity to challenge oneself and expand one's horizons. With tuition, learners can access personalized learning experiences that cater to their unique needs and preferences. This fosters a sense of growth and development, which is essential for personal and professional success.

Clarity is a term that speaks to the power of additional education in providing students with a clear understanding of their subjects. Tuition helps to clarify concepts and ideas that students may have found challenging in class. It provides a platform for learners to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in meaningful discussions. Through this process, students gain a deeper understanding of their subjects, which helps them to retain information better and apply it to real-life situations. Clarity is essential for effective decision-making and goal setting.

Super Thinker Centre - Romford

The Super Thinker Centre in Romford is an innovative learning centre that promotes a unique approach to education. The centre provides a comprehensive and balanced approach to learning, embracing the full range of academic, social, emotional and physical skills that are essential for young people to thrive in the 21st century.

The Super Thinker Centre - Romford offers a range of courses and activities to help students develop their skills in areas such as critical thinking, problem-solving and communication. Through the use of interactive and engaging activities, the centre provides an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment for all ages. In addition to the traditional academic subjects, the centre also provides classes in areas such as 11 Plus (Elven Plus) and awarding winning Coding groups.

An internal image of the Super Thinker Centre - Romford, with lines keeping children covid safe.
The Super Thinker Centre - Romford (Covid Safe Layout)

The Super Thinker Centre - Romford also has a strong focus on developing a sense of community. Through regular social events and activities, the centre encourages students to build relationships with their peers and gain confidence in their own abilities.

The centre is a friendly, warm and inviting place, where students can learn and not be worried about making mistakes. Everyone is welcome from all walks of life, all abilities and stages. At the centre, we foster a community environment and we all care about each other. We understand that in some environments it is not cool to be clever but no matter what you are good at, it means a lot to us!

An image of two pupils celebrating their 11 Plus passes in the Super Thinker Centre - Romford
Friendships for life! Congratulations on passing the 11 Plus exam.