Super Thinkers provide tutoring service and mock exams to Year 3, 4 & 5  students for their 11+ Exams and Independent Schools Exams.

Over 10+ years running our eleven-plus course, we have developed, tried and tested techniques to pass the 11+ exam and thrive in Grammar or Private education.

Our results have been exceptional, with over 90% of our students attaining the levels needed to be offered a space in their selected schools.

Year 3 Eleven Plus Preparation Class

What we will cover:-

Overall Confidence

Reasoning skills

Smart Spellings Skills

Fun Vocabulary Games

Improving core Writing Skills

Increase in Reading Skills

Simple Comprehension Techniques

Fun Maths Games

Great Mental Maths

Year 4

Starting and Sticking to a Good Learning Routine

Solid Timetables

Be able to use all four 'Operations' Mentally to solve math questions  

Smart Spellings, understanding and using new vocabulary  

Comprehension and Simple Inference

Applied Reasoning - both Verbal and Non-Verble

How to 'Tackle Exam' style questions

Increase Reading skills - Skimming, Summarisation, Supportive quotes, Reflection, Fact Checking, Comparing and Contrasting.

Year 5

  • Maths, English, Creative Writing and Applied Reasoning (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning)
  • Focused Group Tuition
  • Essential techniques and skills required to pass the 11+ examStrong understanding of the GL, CEM and independent exams.
  • constant feedback for parents, with weekly recommendations for improvements.
  • all resources, books and materials required to achieve top-level marks.
  • Reward Program
  • Annual meetings that provide parents with all the latest information on when and where to register and how best to approach the 'next' stage.
  • Intensive Courses during school holidays

11+ Mock Exams for Essex and East London

Each month, on the last Saturday or Sunday (from March to August), we hold a Mock Test. The monthly tests are popular as they provide exam experience and give much-needed feedback and advice on where a child needs to concentrate. Each month you can select CEM, GL or CSSE to suit your potential schools' exam format, and the exams are unique and not publicly available.

Over the summer holidays, we also hold an intensive exam week. Each day, the children sit a combination of English and Maths with embedded reasoning questions; or an independent Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Test.

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