Super Thinkers provide an array of classes to maximise the effectiveness of their services.

Their one-two-one (1-2-1) sessions are holistic and bespoke to the individual student. Providing a combination of national curriculum based learning, and proven skills to develop the tutees ability to learn and grow autonomously.

The curriculum based group programs  are designed to enhance the students current ability, while building on the topics and areas they may need help with. Our tutors are able to adopt a learning style that best suits the group, whilst imparting knowledge and understanding of the national curriculum. Our groups run at a 1:8 ratio, and predominantly are 2 hours for a subject.

The extra-curriculum based groups, for Coding and STEM, run more project driven. Requiring the students to adopt an attitude of self-learning, and develop skills in critical thinking.

Primary Maths and English

From EYFS through to Key Stage 2 (Year 6), it is not uncommon for a child to need a little help in either English or Maths. Super Thinkers has a proven record of helping students improve their skills and build on confidence.

Our inspiring, engaging and highly skilled tutors utilising excellent in-house resources, can help your child reach their goals and make incredible progress.

Child completing maths homework
EYFS, KS1 and KS2 including SATs

Secondary Maths, English, Science and Computer Science

A secondary school is a daunting place for all, worse when struggling with one or two subjects. Super Thinkers works with each child individually, enabling a holistic approach to learning topics. Working holistically with each child helps them learn the curriculum and develop a deeper understanding of the topics.

With over 2000 clients under our belt since we started, we have routinely turned weak students into able and accomplished students, and good students into top students.


The Key Stage 1 SATs are a formal assessment of your child's English and maths skills. While these are formal test, they are conducted in a relaxed manner; most children are unaware that they are taking one!

Both English and maths are assessed over two papers, with an optional set of two papers on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

The English is made up of a short test with questions, and a longer test with separated questions.  The maths is separated into an arithmetic and a reasoning paper. The optional papers are separated into a Spelling test, and a Grammar and Punctuation assessment.

At Key Stage 2, SATs are more formal than the assessments used at Key Stage 1 and include a combination of tests and teacher assessments. During Year 6, students take tests in English (reading, writing, including handwriting, and spelling), math, and science. Tests assessing pupils' knowledge and understanding are scheduled after Easter each year. Tests typically take between four and seven and a half hours to complete over the course of a week, depending on the test they choose. The teacher assessment covers English, maths and science and is moderated by the Local Authority and the Department of Education.


GCSE preparation is a core part of Super Thinkers' expertise. Our tutors will tailor their teaching style to meet your child's needs, which will benefit your child and enhance their academic performance. To overcome our students' weaknesses, we first identify their weaknesses and help them overcome them. In order for students to feel confident they will be able to succeed, we create a motivating and supportive environment. Our team understands how important GCSE exams are, and what students need in order to succeed. With the proper guidance and assistance, each child has the potential to achieve the highest grades possible.