The Queen of the World

An image of the original article written by Harry D, shortly after the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen of the World - By Harry D age 8

By Harry D age 8

Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on Thursday, 8th September 2023, at 16:30 after reigning for 70 years, aged 96.

The Queen was a hard-working, caring and strong woman; who selflessly gave herself to her country and commonwealth 70 years ago. She changed public opinion with people loving the Royal family and the Monarchy.

The Queen steered our country through many difficult times including; the 'Cold war', Princess Diana's death and the recent 'Pandemic'.

She dearly loved her family and her husband, Prince Philip, who was by her side until last April.


An image of HRH Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II. Alan Davidson/Shutterstock
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