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Eleven Plus Assessments

Unlock your child's potential with our comprehensive Eleven Plus assessment! Tailored evaluations, expert feedback, and personalized recommendations to help them excel. Schedule today for a brighter academic future!

Route to GCSE Success

We are dedicated to securing a brighter future for your child through our comprehensive and transformative exam preparation and tuition programs.

Eleven Plus Boosters

Welcome to Super Thinkers Eleven Plus Boosters, where young minds

Eleven Plus - Mock Exams - Summer 2023 - Week 2

Eleven Plus - Mock Exams from the 21st to the 25th of August. Exams are designed inhouse and will give a clear guide in preporation for the final exam.

GCSE English Literature - Summer 2023

Literature Booster program, enabling students to gain the confidence and skills necessary to excel.

Welcome to our new site.

Exam Stress; What to do?

Exam stress is common among students and can lead to anxiety and nervousness. Strategies to manage it include self-care, preparation, relaxation techniques, and seeking support. By implementing these practices, students can reduce stress and increase their chances of success on exams.

The Queen of the World

By Harry D age 8 Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II

The Children's News

We believe encouraging children to write news about the world around them can have numerous benefits

The Eleven Plus

It's often asked what is the benefit of studying the eleven plus. In simple terms; confidence, understanding and a passion for learning.
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