Inspiring children to learn while empowering parents to teach.

What is Super Thinkers?

Super Thinkers, a specialised tuition centre catering for all skills and abilities. We believe that every child has the capabilities to grow beyond the expected, and thrive in the world of education. We offer EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 tuition in Maths and English, developing individual learning plans, run at the learner's preferred pace. Super Thinkers understands that a child might be struggling at school, not because of ability, but the environment. With the ever-growing class sizes, and sheer weight of the curriculum that teachers need to cover. Children are often left with questions or issues unanswered, or feel lost in the sea of information.  

The Super Thinker Centres has many other facilities; please review our services page for further information. 

The story so far!

In the relatively short amount of years Super Thinkers have been open, we have proven several times over, that our methods work. Since 2012, Super Thinkers has assisted many children to grow. We have helped several students gain places in local Private Schools or County Grammar Schools, although our greatest achievements have been with the SEN or learning challenged. The Super Thinkers Tutors have helped some underachieving children or adults to develop, grow and attain national standards and beyond.

Please take a look at our Review and Testimonials

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Help Us!

We are not all about money, which is why we charge less than all other local companies for many of our services. In the coming months, we will also be adding free to download worksheets. If you have a small amount of spare time, or skills in designing teaching materials, please contact us to discuss where you could help.

A few ideas of where you could help.

  • Storyteller - infuse children with the love of books.
  • Story Listener - listen to children read, and help them improve.
  • Homework Helper - help a child complete their homework, and make sure they understand the work.


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