Our wonderful fun filled Holiday club run each and every Holiday and half term. Our very expierenced, qualified staff are a very exited and enthusiative bunch of people.

Our love to have fun usually means that no child wants the fun to NEVER EVER end! So going home may be a little bit of a problem at night. 

Every child is welcome and we mean every child, we have eperienced staff to help settle in children with SEN's and to make sure their needs are met,  as well as children who are very shy and have never been to a day activity camp before. We enjoy watching and sharing each child personal experierences of each day, and sharing them with the parents. Each child is valued and we care deeply about the children not only having fun but gaining knowledge during the activity.

As we are a non profit organisation, any profits will go back into helping a child access our centre, that may not have had the means to do so without a little help, so your child will be having a wonderful time and you will also be helping another child out in the process. 




We have visited the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, Kidz Zania, Colchester Zoo, Scout Activities Camp Sites, Local Cinemas, the local Theatre, local Parks, trip to Sky Activity Centre, local events and have had Science days, Gadget and Gizmos, Cinemagic days, Horrid Histories, Music intruments fun days, Learned about the local Food Banks.

The Children have tried so many different activities from 

  • Go Karting
  • Archery
  • Science experiments
  • Musical instruments 
  • Panto
  • Green screen and scrips making
  • Wide games
  • Evolution of Anmials
  • Walking with Dinosaurs
  • filming a Sky News report
  • Trying lots of jobs from Racing car driver to Pilot, to Policeman to Postal worker to Firefighter to Nurser to Ice-cream factory worker to hair dresser
  • Climbing
  • Low Ropes
  • Building a camp fire
  • Safety round fires
  • Cooking on an open fire
  • Large Art attack picture
  • Circus skills
  • First Aid Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Camp fire Songs
  • Collecting and delivering food to the local Food Bank
  • What we can do to save our Environment 
  • How we can STOP poaching
  • How to travel safely in and around our community
  • Played Rounders
  • Played Football
  • Arts and crafts