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one-2-one Tuition

Our one-2-one tuition runs under three simple ethos.

Excellence, Growth and Clarity


We believe that every student should have the opportunity to excel, and nothing should stand in their way. When designing a program of study for one of our students we look at the holistic nature the child learns under, and how best to facilitate a learning goal. The learning goals are always balanced and take into account the specific nuances of an individual.


"A students ability to grow is only hampered by the mismanagement of goals and unreasonable expectations.". While working with a student we encourage them to understand 'their way of learning', work with it rather than against it. With this understanding, they can grow in 'their' way and get the most out of Super Thinkers.


All tasks, work, and activities we plan for a student are fully explained. Including; What the activity is, why is it being done and what we are looking for as a result. This clarity enables the student to attempt a task, see their mistakes without shame, and 'self-correct' more.

one-2-one Subjects
  • Early Years Phonics, Writing, Learner Confidence and Concentration
  • KS 1 Phonics, Reading, Writing and Numeracy
  • KS 2 English, Maths, Science and Languages
  • KS 3 English, Maths, Science, Computing, Computer Science and Languages
  • KS 4/GCSE English Literature, English Language, Maths, Statistics, Computer Science, Science, Languages