Bookings and Accounts

It's official; The new SMS service is finally up and running.


(A Text only service, no voice allowed; Texts are inclusive of your allowance and/or charged at your standard network rate) 


All Booking requests, updates and last minute management should be made by 'texting' the number with the first word 'Bookings' followed by the request. Our day to day staff will acknowledge the message and confirm the ability to acquiesce the request. 


All Account enquires and payment notifications should be sent to the same number with the first word 'Accounts' followed by the message/request. Our accounts department will respond as soon as they can, acknowledging and actioning the request as required. 

Communication Withdrawal 

Due to the recent increase in the numbers of people using the Centre, we are finding it more and more difficult to manage accounts using Social Media or Direct Messaging.  So we have had to make the decision to withdraw all management of accounts via request over WhatsApp, Facebook or other messaging service and also any direct email to Mileu (Mils) Chaffey or Leon Chaffey.  The new text services will be recorded against accounts and will enable a more streamlined management, and help to improve our services. Additionally, no messages will be responded to on Sunday's. The Centre is open 11.5 hours a day Monday to Friday, and 8.5 hours on a Saturday. 

Emergency Contact Numbers

During drop off/collection time there is often no one remaining at the centre, so no one is their to collect phone calls. Although our phone service is set up to forward an email to staff notifying of calls, the system is not infallible. In the rare event of needing to talk to a member of staff, we will welcome calls on our personal mobiles. Please collect the numbers from the front counter, or make a request via the Text service.