one 2 one tuition

Our one to ones is exactly that, one to one.  We pride ourselves on providing an individualised service, to each child. The Super Thinkers tutors, build a custom program for each student. Catering for the unique nature of persons, child or adult, learning requirement.

As our Early Years Tutor would say, "There is no point putting a square peg in a round hole.".

Image of a young boy, KS1 or KS2, enjoying learning. enthusiasm and love of learning

Group Sessions


Eleven Plus


Phonics and Early Reading
ICT Programs

Our Before and After School Program started in September 2014, and has grown steadily. At the the centre we follow the EYFS, and provide a plethora of activities for the childrens enjoyment. Some of the things on offer include; Wooden small world toys, puzzels and logic challenges, board and non-board games, dress up and many others. 

Along side our equipment we have a daily program of Reading, Spellings and Homework. 

Holiday Club

Our hugely successful Holiday Club runs every half-term and summer holidays, at our dedicted centre. Although we have alimited number of spaces each day, we maximise the fun had by all.